1. Residential

Any furniture from: sofas, loveseat, recliner chairs to headboards and cornice boards.

2. Commercial

Office chairs, restaurants, library chairs, and more.

3. Antiques

Any furniture that is more than 50 years old.

4. Automobiles

Seats, headliners, leather seat covers, convertible tops, carpet in any car, bus, RV, limousines.

5. Medical

Exam tables, physical therapy rooms and accessories.

6. Marine

Boats, jet skis, speed boats, pontoon boats and many more.

7. Motorcycle

Seats, odd shape or regular.


We are pleased to offer leather redying services. Call us to learn more about this service.
We can work with most fabrics, leathers, synthetic leather and marine or medical vinyl. Feel free to visit our workshop and browse through several fabric samples or use the 'About us' tab and surf our supplier's website.